The Best Solar String Lights

The Best Solar String Lights
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Have you been looking for the best buying guide for the Best Solar String Lights? Welcome to the right page with the right piece of information.

This buying guide will ensure produce you with adequate and valid information that you will need while trying to purchase the Best Solar String Lights.

However, this guide will be divided into sections for better understanding and clarity.

In the first section, I will give an overview. Here, you will get to understand the meaning of a solar string light and how it works as well as how you can use it, also, you will know what it takes to maintain it for long-lasting use.

Additionally, I will talk about the pros and cons of using a solar string light. Of course, I will ensure to enlighten you on the benefits and likely limitations of using a solar string light in this section.

Furthermore, the features/ factors to consider will be explicitly explained in the section that comes after the pros and cons. In this part, you will get to know the things you need to put in mind while trying to purchase your best solar string light.

Then, I will move in to give a tabular representation of my Best Solar String Lights stating their specifications and comparisons in descending order starting from the 5th to the 1st.

However, in the section that comes after this, I will explain each of my selected products by giving valid details on them with their pros and cons for better comparison.

Even more, some frequently asked questions will be attended to before I share my final thoughts.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you read till the end of this article to get the necessary details on the subject matter.

The Best Solar String Lights: Overview

To start with, let us understand what solar light is and what it is for. Solar string lights are lights that are often for decoration either in form of a small bulb or any other design.

However, they are powered by batteries that draw their charge from a solar panel at the end meeting of the string lights. Also, what a solar panel does is that it gets its energy from the access it has to the sun and for better access, the panel needs a direct face towards the sun.

Furthermore, the lifespan of solar string light is quite comfortable because depending on which solar string light you get and how you use the solar string light, they can last from 2 to 5 years and each day can run up to 6 to 10 hours when charged and can run throughout if there is constant access to the sun. Thus, it is worth the buy.

You can as well maintain your string light when you ensure it is not always out during the winter period. Hence, you are building a long-lasting solar string light.

Subsequently, using a solar string light is very easy because all you have to do is to make sure that the solar panel has direct access to the sun and that the lights are facing the panel. More so, it is advisable to charge the solar for close to 7 hours before you start to use it.

Now we know what a solar string light is and how it works. Therefore, we will move to the next section where we have the pros and cons.

Advantages Of The Best Solar String Lights


One of the benefits of using a solar string light is that you do not have to spend much on electricity bills because the sun is the source of power being used. Also, if you are someone who works till late hours, you are not using money to get light because you must have charged up your solar string lights during the day.


Apart from the low cost they feature, they are also easy to maintain. Unlike, normal light powered by electricity, you do not have to be conscious to always turn off the lights when not in use, therefore, you can leave them while they charge.


Lights powered by electricity are bound to have some form of faults that can lead to unexpected circumstances either by sparks and the like but, with solar string lights, you do not have to go through any of this because it is safer and does not deal with any form of electricity.


Interestingly, they add beauty to the environment without having to cost much. Again, all you need is a couple of wires to fix them and they are also very flexible as you can put them anywhere and they can stay without any form of issues.

More so, you can decorate your environment the way you like when you use a solar string light.

Disadvantages Of The Best Solar String Lights


One of the disadvantages of getting a solar string light is that it can be very expensive compared to any other type of light or conventional light. Therefore, people tend to bother about getting it.

Power Source

Another disadvantage of using a solar string light is the source of their power, these solar string lights use the solar panel to function and the solar panel derives power from direct access to the sun that now powers up the battery of the solar string light. Therefore, if there is no adequate and enough sun, they will not last long and if there is no sun due to the weather, you cannot use them.

Features Of The Best Solar String Lights


One of the features of solar string lights is that they are usually very convenient to use in any weather condition, either in cold or hot weather, rainy or sunny weather, and the like. Thus, they are waterproof and you do not have to worry about anything called damage during weather changes.

However, depending on the type of string light you purchase, it is best to store it indoors during the winter time not because of any form of damage but to increase the life span of the solar string light.

Lighting Modes

Furthermore, most of these solar string lights come in different mode quantities depending on which solar string light you purchase. However, it commonly has an 8-lighting mode to function.


Another important feature is the material of the solar string lights. It is important that the solar string lights feature a strong and long-lasting material. That is, a durable material that can withstand whatever temperature comes from the solar string light and can prevent any form of damage or unexpected circumstances.

Solar Panel

Also, the solar panel is one of the main components and, as its name suggests, it fuels the battery. As the energy used by the solar panel to power the string lights comes from the sun, it is rather hard to use solar string lights without one.

Things To Look Out For When Buying A Solar String Light


The reason you are purchasing a solar light is one of the elements to take into account. Some individuals frequently utilize theirs for decorating, while others use them for safety and security purposes.

Therefore, getting to know the reason and for what use you have decided to get a solar string light will enable you to get the right and specific string light with features that match and will work well with its purpose.


Furthermore, you should consider the brightness of the light, several solar string lights come with 8 lighting modes depending on which you get and its features. Thus, you can decide to reduce or increase the brightness level with the lighting mode and the solar string light features.

Also, the brightness in most solar lights is now often measured in what we call “lumens”. Lumens are the amount of light visible to the environment from the light source, again, they are no longer measured in watts.

Battery Type

Solar lights always use batteries. However, their batteries are usually powered by the energy the solar panel consumes from the sun. Nevertheless, it remains a factor to consider when buying a solar light, most especially the battery type.

During the day, it is quite easy for your solar lights to work properly and conveniently because they are working with the direct source of the sun to the solar panel. Nevertheless, they work well at night but this depends on the battery and this is where it is important that you check the battery type of the solar lights.

The performance of batteries differs in energy storage, durability, as well as weight. Thus, it is important to check the battery type depending on the purpose as well.

Solar Panel Type

First, solar panels come in three different types and so it is important to factor in to consider what solar panel type you will be using for your solar string lights. Some of these solar panel types are lightweight while some are heavy, some are very fragile and some can efficient.

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Specification Of The Best Solar String Lights

ProductsDimensionsItem WeightVoltageWattageBrand
addlon LED Outdoor String Lights ‎2.48 x 2.48 x 14.57 inches‎13.3
‎110 Volts‎2
Lampat String Lights‎8.82 x 8.82 x 3.82 inches21.6
‎120 Volts‎125 watts‎Lampat
addlon 48 FT Outdoor String Lights‎11.97 x 9.69 x 6.26 inches92.64 ounces‎110 Volts‎11
Brightech Solar String Lights15.79 x 11.5 x 5.35 inches40.16 ounces‎120 Volts‎1
Brightown Solar String Lights‎8.2 x 8.2 x 3.2
21.12 ounces ‎110 Volts‎5

5addlon LED Outdoor String Lights

addlon LED Outdoor String Lights

The “addlon LED Outdoor String Lights” is the 5th of my best solar string lights. 

The bulbs used for this particular string light are not prone to easy breakage because they are a shatterproof type of LED bulb. More so, the manufacturer has made sure that there is enough distance between each bulb of about 3.11fts, therefore, it is suitable for outdoor decoration or design.

Also, they are made to withstand any form of weather and they are waterproof as well. Thus, they are quite durable which means they last longer.

Furthermore, they are very flexible in the sense that you can design them in any form, it does not have to be in a specific place as well. Again, you do not have to worry about leaving them outdoors because asides from the string lights being flexible, the chords are very thick and worthy to be left working for as long as you can imagine.

Subsequently, you can decide to dim the light if you want to use it for events like wedding parties, birthday parties, and the like to create a cool image of the environment or a calm atmosphere. Moreover, there is an extra fuse because it comes with just 16 LED bulbs and you can fix it up to double it.

When it comes to installation, it is quite easy to install and does not use much effort. Finally, it features a 2-years warranty.


  • It is easy to install.
  • It allows the adjustment of light.
  • Durability.
  • Waterproof and shatterproof.


  • No remote included.
  • They are not so warm.

4Lampat String Lights

Lampat String Lights
Image from amazon

The “Lampat String Lights” is the 4th of the Best Solar String Lights.

This string light is about 25fts long featuring up to 25 bulbs and are at least 12 inches distant from each other. However, they are all connected with 6 inches of male plug and the other 6 inches of female connectors for effective use.

Notwithstanding, you can decide to join up to 3 to 4 bulbs together to cover large spaces and as another form of design with your string lights. Also, this does not exclude broken bulbs because other bulbs attached to them can still cover up for them.

It is quite ideal for both indoor and outdoor use because it is durable and can withstand any form of weather just like the previous string light. Again, it ensures that it stays effective during rainy, sunny, and other weather change days.

Unlike, the first string light, you cannot dim this light to your taste Finally, you get a 1-year warranty for a quality bulb and effectiveness.


  • Design.
  • Durability.
  • Energy efficiency.


  • Bulbs are quite fragile.

3addlon 48 FT Outdoor String Lights

addlon 48 FT Outdoor String Lights

The “addlon 48 FT Outdoor String Lights” is the 3rd of the Best Solar String Lights.

This string light consists of 18 bulbs and an extra 3, they are at least 3.11fts distant from each other to avoid clashing and breaking the bulbs. Nevertheless, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes as they are made to withstand any form of weather without getting damaged.

Also, the chord is quite thick enough to withstand the weather and to prevent any form of spark leading to any unforeseen circumstance. You can as well use the string light for events like birthday events, wedding parties, and the like because you have access to dim the light to any mode you prefer and for other forms of designs and atmosphere in the event or environment.

When it comes to installation, it is very easy to install without much cost and effort. Also, you can decide to attach up to 4 of the light strands together. Nevertheless, it is suitable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use as it can withstand any form of weather.


  • Easy installation.
  • Durability.
  • Flexibility.
  • Weatherproof.


  • No stated warranty.
  • Poor customer service.

2Brightech Solar String Lights

Brightech Solar String Lights
Amazon image

The “Brightech Solar String Lights” is the 2nd of the Best Solar String Lights.

This solar string light features 12 LED lights and it is 27fts long. However, the distance between these bulbs is up to 20 inches while from the solar panel to the first bulb is about 6 inches.

Interestingly, the solar panel that serves as an intermediary between the sun and the batteries are removable. Also, the solar string light is weatherproof which means it can withstand any form of weather without leading to any form of damage.

Just as the bulbs are weatherproof, they are likewise shatterproof which means they are not fragile to the point of breaking from any little hit. More so, this solar light does not need a specific place to stay as you can use it anywhere and place it anywhere, thus, it is very flexible.

When you fully charge this solar string light, you can use them for up to 5 to 6 hours which means they last longer on a full charge. Finally, this string light features a 2-years limited warranty.


  • Easy installation.
  • Durability.
  • Flexibility.
  • Also, it is very attractive.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Shatterproof.


  • They are not so bright.

1Brightown Solar String Lights

Brightown Solar String Lights

The “Brightown Solar String Lights” is the 1st of the Best Solar String Lights.

This solar string light comes with 25 bulbs and a spare one. Although, these bulbs are in glass forms and you can decide to dim them whenever which means they are energy efficient because they will not use much power while in dim mode.

However, the bulbs are glass material which means they are prone to breakage because they are fragile. Again, just like the others, the bulb is weatherproof which means it can withstand any form of weather without leading to any form of damage.

Furthermore, it is very easy to install and you can as well fix it in any place you want for a design, hence, it is flexible. It is also ideal and suitable for outdoor use without discomfort or inconvenience.

Finally, it features a 1-year warranty.


  • Easy installation.
  • It is weatherproof.
  • It is ideal for commercial use.


  • The bulbs are fragile.

The Best Solar String Lights: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Solar String Lights?

Solar string lights are lights for decorations used in several places both indoors and outdoors like the Christmas tree in your home, the bar, wedding events, and the like.

2. How Long Do Solar String Lights Last?

Depending on the solar string light you purchase, when they are fully charged they can last between 6 to 10 hours a day and can stay up to 2 to 5 years.

3. Can You Replace The Batteries In Your Solar Lights?

Solar lights come with batteries. While some are removable, some cannot be removed which means batteries can be replaced.
Though, you cannot replace the batteries in solar lights with regular batteries to avoid damage or faults.

4. Do Solar Lights Charge On Cloudy Days?

Of course not, because, solar lights as the name implies use the power from the sun to function. Hence, if there is no sun, there is no solar light.

5. Why Do Solar String Lights Stop Working?

In most cases, when there is an issue with a solar string light, it is usually because of a fault in the battery or the solar panel.

My Final Thoughts

Above are my Best Solar String Lights with their specifications, benefits, and likely limitations.

However, with all this information, I hope you can pick The Best Solar String Lights you want. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend “Brightown Solar String Lights” as my best Solar String Lights based on my research.

To make an easy purchase, I have created a button where you will find the link. Hence, when you click the link, you are going to the store.

I hope you found these Best Solar String Lights buying guides helpful. If you found it helpful, kindly review this buying guide with the “Leave a Reply” form at the end of this page.

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