The Best Portable Washing Machines: Laundry Made Easy

5 Best Portable Washing Machines
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Are you looking to buy one of the 5 best portable washing machines? Then this buying guide is definitely for you.

It might be stressful to go washing machine shopping. They’re a significant investment for your pocketbook and your living space. A portable washing machine might be a fantastic alternative if you live in a smaller apartment or you recently moved into your first starter home.

This will save you room and prevent you from having to transport your clothes to and from the laundromat.

“The majority of [portable washing machines] function just like a regular full-sized washing machine, but they are ideal for those who are moving about or have limited living space.

Purchasing a portable washing machine might help you save money in addition to space.

An excellent substitute for a full-sized device that cleans clothing just as well as a portable washing machine. Using a portable washer doesn’t have to entail giving in.

A compact washer may clean just as well as a regular-sized washer while using less water and energy due to its lower load capacity and ability to get deep into fabrics to remove dirt and smells.

I selected the best economical and well-regarded portable washing machines from a dependable shop like Amazon to assist you.

5 Best Portable Washing Machines: Type Of Load

I’ll start with the primary characteristic that people focus on: the loading style. Based on the method of loading, top loaders and front loaders are the two primary categories of washers.

Which should you choose? Maybe the benefits and drawbacks of each may aid in your decision.

Top Loader Washing Machines

The more popular variety of portable washing machines is this one. The loading of garments is done from the top, as the name would imply. When we were young, many of us utilized this, and statistics show that 75% of homes still do.

Advantages Of Top Loader Washing Machine

They Are Affordable

This may be the biggest advantage. For as little as $200, you can get a decent top loader. The same cannot be true for front loaders, which start at around $700 if you want something of high quality.

They Are Comfy And Simple To Use

Most individuals find bending over to load a machine to be a pain. A front loader is most definitely not what you want if you have back issues. A top loader is what you want because you can load it even while standing.

Mid-Cycle Loading Is Possible.

You may pause the wash, open the lid, and add the shirt if you see a dirty one on the floor that you left out when filling the machine.

With a front loader, you can’t do the same thing since the water and the clothing would just pour out.

They Are Well-Known

Before front loaders were created, top loaders already existed. They are the kind that the majority of us have encountered, even as children. A familiar appliance will always be simpler and more practical to use than a new one.

Disadvantages Of Top Loader Washing Machine

They Don’t Use A Lot Of Energy

The primary issue with top loaders is this. They consume roughly 50% more energy than front loaders. Additionally, they utilize 7000 more gallons of water per year than front loaders do on average. However, more recent versions are made to use less energy and water.

Front Loaders Washing Machine

Advantages Of Front-Loading Washing Machine

They Conserve Water And Energy

I’d advise using a front loader if your main goal is to lower or decrease your bill at the end of the month. As was already said, you may conserve 50% of your electricity and 7000 gallons of water annually.

Shorter Drying Time

In contrast to top loaders, front loaders often have faster spinning speeds. This implies that less water is used to remove the garments, which cuts down on drying time.

Smart Elements

Front-loading washing machines often have a greater variety of intelligent features. With some, you can push a button to load the washer and start the load from a distance.

A front loader could fit you better if you’re a tech geek.

Increased Capacity

The agitator within the wash tub of top loaders often aids in cleaning the clothing. Since many front-loading portable washing machines lack an agitator, you may load more clothing because the space is freed up.

Disadvantages Of Front Loaders Washing Machine

They Are Uneasy

It’s not very handy to have to stoop down every time you load or unload the washer. 

Instead, get a top loader.


This is yet another negative aspect. Front loaders often cost substantially more than top loaders. While most high-quality front loaders cost more than $1,000, many high-quality top loaders sell for less than $500.

Midway through, You Cannot Add More Things

If you find a sock on the ground that you did not include with the other clothing in a front loader, you cannot halt the wash to add it.

5 Best Portable Washing Machines: Features Of Portable Washing Machines


What size washer do you require? First, be aware that the weights range from 6.6 pounds (3 kg) to 13 kilograms (28 pounds).

But how do you calculate the clothing’s weight? 5 t-shirts weigh around 2 pounds on average (or 1 kg). Therefore, a 6.6-pound machine ought to be able to hold 15 t-shirts. Around 70 shirts should fit in a 28-pound washer.

Choose a washer with a limited capacity if you’re on a tight budget. These compact washers are frequently referred to as mobile washing machines. Some 6-pound variants may be had for as low as $55.

You’re on a tight budget. A nice non-electric portable washing machine unit can be a fantastic option.

However, if your budget permits it and you desire to be able to wash a lot of clothing at once, invest in a large-capacity washer. A 28-pound big-capacity washer is not required unless you’re searching for a machine for commercial usage. For about $560, you may get a decent 15-pound washer that will meet your demands at home.

Be aware that the likelihood of being able to wash bulky things like duvets and curtains increases with the washer’s capacity.

These are loaded from the front, as the name would imply.

Energy Savings

There are two reasons why the washing machine’s energy use is important. We’re all in favor of protecting the earth’s resources. Second, everyone wants to pay less at the finish of the month.

Look at the EU rating if energy efficiency is essential to you. An A is followed by “+” marks to denote this. The energy efficiency increases with the number of “+” indications. The highest grade for energy efficiency is A+++.

Some washing machines include energy-saving features in addition to the EU rating. One of these features is the “eco wash.” This one can cut energy use by as much as 60%.

Consider the amount of water used each cycle in addition to the energy usage. It was considered inefficient for washers to use 110–170 liters (30–45 gallons) of water for each wash.

It is considered efficient for newer washers to use just 56 to 110 liters (15 to 30 gallons) each cycle. Choose a machine that runs with the least amount of water feasible.

Spin Rate

When a load of laundry is finished being washed, the spin feature of washing machines is used to extract the water from the garments. It’s not a dryer. It functions similarly to wringing.

The goal is to remove as much water from the clothing as possible so that it can dry faster in the dryer or the open air.

The range of spin rates is from 1000 to roughly 1600 revolutions per minute (rpm). Of course, the more quickly the clothing is spun, the more effectively water is removed from them.

Auto Sensors

If you have some extra cash, think about checking for auto sensors on the equipment you want to buy. Auto sensors are characteristics that, via automation, simplify the process.

The primary attributes of auto sensors include:

Weight Sensors

Weight sensors make it easier to determine if a load is appropriate for the washer by automatically calculating the weight of the objects you are washing. Furthermore, weight sensors also determine how long it will take to clean the load.

Cloth Sensors

To properly do laundry, you must identify the sort of fabric you’re working with and select the appropriate wash cycle or program. Cloth sensors take care of this issue by identifying the kind of fabric loaded, the amount of dirt present, the weight, and the water hardness.

They then choose the proper wash program on their own.


Most of us are accustomed to manually adding detergent. However, this is related to the issue of whether the detergent dosage is excessive, inadequate, or just right.

However, did you know that you don’t need to cope with this issue? These days, detergent-loading machines are produced, and the machine then adds the appropriate quantity based on the load.

Things To Look out For When Purchasing A Portable Washing Machines

Noise Level

When shopping for a portable washing machine, there is one crucial question you cannot afford to ignore: how noisy is the washer?

You don’t want a washer that, when switched on at night, awakens everyone. Additionally, you don’t want a device that compels your neighbors to complain about your noise pollution to the homeowners association.

Decibels are the units used to measure how loud a washing machine is (dB). The machine makes greater noise the higher the setting. As a general guideline, avoid choosing anything louder than 50 dB. It’ll be far too loud. Lower is preferable.

Manufacturers are incorporating solutions that minimize noise as a result of technological improvements. Look for features such as an anti-vibration system, inverter motors, and “brushless” if your budget permits.

Integral Or Independent

An integrated washer, often known as a built-in washer, must fit inside a kitchen cabinet unit. These often rely on the cabinet door as the lid because they lack a dependable lid.

Due to their instability, integrated washers cannot be utilized outside of a kitchen unit. It is the kitchen unit that offers the required solidity.

A sturdy device that may be placed anywhere is a free-standing washer. A standalone unit may be put anywhere as long as there is access to water and drainage. Recall that front-loading washers are often integrated.

Washing Cycle

Programs for washing machines are crucial since they define how much flexibility you’ll have when doing laundry.

A washing machine’s standard wash cycles consist of these three:

  • Delicate
  • Normal
  • Permanent press

Delicate Cycle

The delicate cycle, often known as the gentle cycle, washes with the softest settings. It does little to no spinning and utilizes cold or hot water. Additionally, this cycle is the quickest of the three.

The delicate cycle is useful for washing delicate goods like undergarments and fading-prone materials like denim.

Regular/Normal Cycle

“Normal” or “regular” happens to be the most intensive choice in terms of the amount of agitation and wash time. On most cycles, you are prompted to select the temperature depending on the load.

Additionally, this is the best choice for regular goods like t-shirts, towels, socks, linen, and more.

Permanent Press

The permanent press cycle is used to wash goods like cotton, and denim, and wash and wear clothing that is prone to wrinkles. 

The cycle employs warm water to eliminate wrinkles and spins at a slower rate than usual to stop the development of new wrinkles.

The washing machine has those primary cycles. Ideally, a washer should have all three of these features.

Some washers provide additional cycles in addition to the standard three, generally at a premium cost. The added cycles consist of:

  • Heavy duty – appropriate for heavier objects like duvets.
  • Whitest whites – appropriate for white clothing.
  • Presoak – This, before the primary wash cycle, eliminates extra and dried-on dirt. excellent for removing stubborn stains.
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Comparison Table For The 5 Best Portable Washing Machines

ProductsWeightProduct’s DimensionCapacityMax Spin SpeedManufacturer
SUPER DEAL Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine‎22 pounds14.8 x 21.9 x 23.2 inches‎9 Pounds‎1300 RPM‎SUPER DEAL
COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine‎80 pounds‎21.63 x 22.25 x 37 inches15 Pounds780 RPMComfee American Company
COSTWAY Portable Mini Washing Machine ‎12.1 pounds‎13.5 x 14 x 20 inches‎5.5 PoundsN/A‎COSTWAY
SUPER DEAL Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine‎26.4 pounds‎23 x 13.5 x 26 inches‎13 Pounds‎1300 RPM‎SUPER DEAL
Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine‎28 pounds‎24.8 x 15 x 28.5 inches‎17.6 Pounds‎1350 RPM‎Giantex

5SUPER DEAL Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

SUPER DEAL Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

The 5th best in this list of the 5 best portable washing machines is the SUPER DEAL Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine.

This incredibly popular Super Compact washing machine is one of the smallest and lightest twin-tub compact washers currently on the market. It simply attaches to your kitchen faucet and is ready to use.

This 2-in-1 washing machine is ideal for cleaning small loads fast and effectively. Its 5.5 lb. washing capacity and 4.4 lb. spin volume will leave your garments sparkling clean. By washing and spinning dry items simultaneously, this little washing machine helps you save valuable time.

To complete your washing, you may either transfer the items immediately from the washer to the spinner or run both sides simultaneously. The spin cycle timer may run for up to 5 minutes for each load while the washer control timer can run for up to 15 minutes.

Also, it is excellent for washing and drying baby items, linens, socks, or underwear.

The real rinse technology uses less water while producing the finest rinsing performance ever. Every cycle includes two deep rinses, and the maximum water level ensures that the tub is filled with water. 

Because compartments, settings, timers, and motors are distinct systems, you may wash and spin at the same time. Turning while filling the wash tub for the subsequent load might save time.

Simply place the items in the washer, add water, set the timer, and begin washing. The washer and spinner have distinct timed control settings. It was built to withstand any laundry chemicals you want to apply.

Its lightweight and compact form makes it easy to store in a bathroom or closet, making it perfect for dorm rooms, flats, condominiums, motor homes, RVs, camping vacations, and other small spaces.


  • Using a drainage tube makes it simple to remove contaminated water.
  • Also, utility bills are reduced by operations that use less energy.
  • Furthermore, it is possible to watch the washing process at any moment thanks to the transparent cover design.
  • Even more, it features a built-in water hose and gravity drain, both measuring 19.7 inches in length
  • For stability, the weight is distributed with a heavy bottom and a light top.


  • For the same price, there is a better alternative.
  • Also, it features only two cycles of washing.

4COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine

COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine
Image from amazon

The 4th best on this list of the 5 best portable washing machines is the COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine.

The six most popular modes on this fully automatic portable washing machine are Normal, Quick, Heavy, Bulky, Delicate, and Spin Only. To accommodate your various washing demands, the washer also comes in 3 different water temperature variants. Additionally, it has a transparent cover that lets you see the condition of the garments at any moment.

This washing machine is equipped with a high-quality and robust motor that provides stable power, and it has a DOE (Department of Energy) certificate which clearly states how much energy would be spent under the national average circumstances.

This washing machine can help your family save money by using 83% less energy than comparable models. The portable washing machine has a water-saving design, a strong engine running at 780RPM, and rotary controls for the wash timer.

This little washer may be conveniently kept due to its dimensions of 21.63 inches in width by 22.25 inches in length and 37 inches in height. neatly fits in your room, RV, or dorm.

For you, the “Delay Start” function may be a game-changer. To save yourself the hassle of having to wash your clothes again due to the scent, just toss your laundry in and select a start time. If something is left behind, there is no need to restart the system.

Before the primary washing cycle is finished, you can add your clothes by holding down the “Start/Pause” button for three seconds.


  • Space-saving easily fits in your room, RV, or dormitory.
  • Also, it features a high-quality, long-lasting motor that delivers steady power.
  • Furthermore, it has a stainless steel inner tub with various wash cycles available.
  • Even more, it features a transparent lid with an LED display.
  • Lastly, it has wheels for mobility.


  • It is a little noisy.

3COSTWAY Portable Mini Washing Machine 

COSTWAY Portable Mini Washing Machine

Making it to this list of the 5 best portable washing machines as the 3rd position is the COSTWAY Portable Mini Washing Machine.

You’ll be relieved to learn that the Costway Mini Washing Machine could be the ideal washing machine for the job if you’re looking for an exceptionally little washer that fits right atop your counter in an RV or small mobile home.

Furthermore, it is lightweight, portable, and easy to store at 20 x 14 x 13.5 inches and 12.1 pounds.

The Costway Mini Washing Machine is one of the greatest solutions for really compact places, such as an RV or mobile home, and has proportions that are small enough to fit on a counter.

This washing machine is small and transportable. It is ideal for small spaces, including those in a dorm, flat, condo, motor home, RV, and more. And moving it is made simple by its modest weight.

You can just place your load of laundry in this washer, fill it with water, set the timer, and then begin washing. Additionally, this washing machine has a drain tube that makes it simple to remove the filthy water.

Single tub washing machine with spin basket and adjustable timers for up to 10 minutes (wash) and 5 minutes (spin) to accommodate various demands.

You can easily peek through the clear top to check on the water’s condition. Additionally, the tiny size and low power usage may save a lot of energy.

Because the washer does not stop filling with water on its own once the water is turned on, you must be nearby to observe it.


  • This device features a spin cycle.
  • Furthermore, it has an amazing little design.
  • Even more, it is affordable.
  • Also, this product has a two-in-one feature that serves as both a washer and a dryer
  • It is ideal for dormitories, flats, etc. because of its small size.
  • Lastly, it runs a simple operation.


  • Every time the spin cycle starts, you might have to keep the machine firmly because it shakes so much that it would topple off the kitchen counter if you don’t.
  • It’s also a little noisy.

2SUPER DEAL Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

SUPER DEAL Portable Washing Machine
Amazon image

The second best in this list of the 5 best portable washing machines is the SUPER DEAL Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine.

This washing machine may save you valuable time by washing and spinning dry laundry simultaneously thanks to the Twin Tub dual function design. To complete your load of washing, either shift the clothing straight from the washer to the spinner or run both machines simultaneously.

A 1300RPM strong motor with a maximum frequency of 60Hz, rotary settings for the wash timer, and a water-efficient design are included in the portable washer machine. With a transparent tub container window, you can see your clothing get cleaned.

The spin cycle timer may run for up to 5 minutes for each load while the washer control timer can run for up to 15 minutes. Feel free to wash whenever suits you.

It is portable, lightweight, and has a small enough dimension to fit in a closet or bathroom, making it perfect for camping excursions, dorm rooms, or any situation when space is at a premium.

This washer, which has strong wave pulsations and freshwater flow, not only prevents clothing from twisting but also improves cleaning and washing results.  Contains a drainage tube with a diameter of around 0.91 inches which makes it simple to drain away unclean water.

This machine’s plastic body assures that it will never rust. Always calm, orderly, and spotless. Low power consumption and small size may save a lot of energy.  

Please contact the seller if you have any product issues; they will react within 24 hours and assist you in resolving the problem.


  • Washer and spinner tubs are used in the design.
  • This device features spin and wash modes simultaneously.
  • Further, it has a strong, effective performance-ensuring 1300RPM motor.
  • Spin and wash cycles may be controlled separately by built-in timers.
  • Moreover, it comes in a transportable form factor for ease of use.
  • Even more, it has a built-in water inlet hose and gravity drain.
  • Also, it has weight distribution for stability.


  • May generate a lot of noise while operating.
  • Even more, for the same price, there is a better alternative.
  • This device features two washing cycles only.

1Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine

Giantex Portable Washing Machine

The overall best in this list of the 5 best portable washing machines is the Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine.

This is a user-friendly, portable, tiny, compact twin-tub washing machine. You may avoid having to wash things by hand in the tub or go to the laundry thanks to the time savings.

Place your garments in the 11 lb. washing tub area of the machine. the rinse cycle for the specified number of minutes, 6.6 pounds is the maximum spinning dryer capacity (half of the washing capacity, you may spin twice).

You may set the washer timer on this washing machine to 15 minutes, and the spin timer to 5 minutes for every load. Based on the sorts of garments, you may decide when to wash them.

You have a lot more latitude and possibilities to establish preset settings than you have with regular washing machines.

Also, it is perfect for light loads. The washer is lightweight and delicate, making it simple to transfer anywhere you need it. The wash motor also has a lot of power. You can wash with fewer effort thanks to the 300-watt washing machine and 110-watt spinner.

Even more, it is suitable for usage at home. When washing, the filter net on the washing barrel’s side filters water rapidly, and removing it to clean the tub is simple.

To prevent high-speed shaking and spinning when using the spin tub, the cover plate must be placed over the garments within. All accessories are included in the package, which just requires simple assembly.


  • Also, it is inexpensive, energy-saving, and without require any unique electrical or water hookups.
  • This device is the best option for a tiny house or RV.
  • Additionally, you can fit it in almost any place.
  • Up to 11 pounds of laundry may fit in each twin tub wash.
  • Even more, it is lightweight being under 30 pounds.
  • To install the hose freely depending on where the faucet is, there are 2 input holes on the right and left sides.
  • A built-in filter net on the washing barrel’s side makes filtering water while washing simple.
  • Lastly, it is less expensive than many other huge models.


  • Larger loads will require two spin cycles to dry.
  • Plastic, not stainless steel, is used for the washing tub.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The 5 Best Portable Washing Machines

1. What Should I Look For In A Portable Washing Machine?

It is preferable to seek a lightweight model with wheels for simple movement about the house.

2. Is Getting A Portable Washer Worth It?

Even if you do have shared laundry, a portable washer may be a lot more dependable and private alternative because you won’t have to wait for the machines to be open, buy a huge bag of quarters, or be concerned about someone removing your wet laundry and leaving it on a soiled counter.

3. Can I Wash Jeans In A Portable Washing Machine?

Typically, these compact machines can handle small to medium loads, such as a few bath towels, some sheets, some undergarments or gym clothes, or even several pairs of trousers (Jeans).

4. Does A Portable Washing Machine Save Energy?

When not in use, portable washing machines can be stored in a closet or a corner. They are available in manual and electric versions, and over time, they may help you save money, room, water, and power.

5. Which Is Better Top Or Front Load?

Even though they have somewhat longer cycle durations, front-load washers are often more efficient since they are made to consume less water. Even though top load washers’ cycles might be shorter than those of front loaders, they nevertheless consume more water overall.

My Final Thoughts On The 5 Best Portable Washing Machines

This section draws the curtain on this buying guide of the 5 best portable washing machines.

The 5 best portable washing machines are listed above, along with information on their features, advantages, and potential drawbacks.

Additionally, the portable washing machines mentioned above are some of the best and will satisfy your needs. For the best level of happiness, you should unquestionably get one of these.

However, I hope that after reading this information, you can choose the finest portable washing machine. However, based on my study, I suggest the “Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine” as my top pick for a portable washing machine.

Additionally, I’ve made it simple to buy; all you have to do is click the Buy Now buttons that are located beneath each item.

I hope you found this 5 Best Portable Washing Machines buying guide helpful. If you found the review helpful, kindly review this buying guide using the “Leave a Reply” form at the end of this page.

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